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Man I epic fail at updating on a regular basis. Well seeing as I'm watching some weapons while other NCO's are out of office, I have a bit of time alone to type this. Frank, that photo of the lil one... all I could do was laugh and think, "Man THATS IT?" If only you had seen some of the portraits my daughter has done. Grats on the new 50! I sadly haven't gotten back into the CoH/V Scene, I'm not sure (last issue I was still playing was the black market thing just before the release of the create your own stuff) Is it worth coming back?

Huzzah for school. I will be attending my NCO devolpment course this August till November. I will be in Ft. Jackson, SC if anyone just happens to be in the area... Heck I'll need some company. *bored out of my mind I'm sure*

Nothing huge has gone on life wise recently. I did get my MCAT study materials so I'm looking forward to the study up! C'mon promotion to Med School!
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My traffic rant spurred by Archmage's incident with a truck

Don't let things like "near death" drag you down. ^_^ (I know I'm one to talk =P )
Now my traffic etc rant:
I am currently living in Naples Italy... the location where its rated as one of the highest accident rate cities in the WORLD. Now to give a visual on what type of stuff goes on here: On the road there would be an entry ramp that runs directly into (if you were to continue on that route) an exit ramp. Now inbetween said ramps is the area of merge for a road that runs parallel. So a merge would have to happen if you wanted to leave off of the highway onto the side street, or vice versa, going from side street to highway. Now there was a stop just prior to that area of merge going from side street to highway. A large truck came the wrong way up the highway entry ramp, pulls sideways infront of the stop area. The driver gets out (of course clearly blocking all traffic with his truck) and goes to the little cafe to the right. He orders a cafe, SITS DOWN, drinks it and when he raises up, he starts yelling at the slew of angry drivers as if its OUR fault we are there.

For whatever reason Italians will slow down if there is an accident on the OTHER side of the highway median, they MUST gawk and watch, therefore slowing the traffic of 900k people down. Since they ALL want to watch. They also have NO concept of slowing down unless they will hit something, then its a violent stop immediate reaction so they stop with in .009 inches of the person in front of them.

Now the perk to Italian traffic is that I ride a motorcycle. The law is on my side. If I hit someone because I was stupid and speeding like crazy, its their fault. If they hit me because I was chilling, riding around like an American, its their fault. So I ride like an Italian riding through the traffic. My "lane" is the dashed line for the most part, VERY helpful in stopped traffic.

Pedestrians have the right away... when there isn't a truck or car speeding towards you O_O

One more lil bit: Italians believe that the brights on a car/bike/etc are "god lights" You flash them when you are speeding up on someone who is traveling less than breakneck fast, and the person is supposed to move out of the way. If not you honk your "god horn" and hope that works.
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I don't know if anyone follows world events, but seeing as I work at NATO I thought I'd share the news. A couple more nations will be joining the alliance. Croatia is one that I know of for sure, the other is still in the works. The total will be up to 30 nations. *fack* time for more work...
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Sooo, after a long break of stuff life etc. I decided to get a new cpu. I usually build mine, but I was feeling especially lazy and decided to get the wife and a pair. It is the HP Firebird with Voodoo DNA. Now I play games yes, I used to the 10-12 frames per sec. This cpu is crazy... 60fps, most intense full resolution, in the most active possibilities. Left 4 Dead bajillion zombies running around, I'm blowing all sorts of things up... Now I'm an ATI/Radeon fan, but I must say I'm a bit impressed with it. Just thought I'd take a sec to gloat about it. TY tax return ^_^

Frank, how are the 'ole boots holding out? I imagine they are well broken in? I'll try to make it a point to update a bit more frequently, and write something of a bit more substance

No this isn't a happy post

I hate the feeling I have. There has been something eating me away, and I feel if I dissappear into the void it'll be better. I feel unhappy, I have inner turmoil. I feel to cry but no tears are shed. I feel to die, but I still live. I went to the doc... "Well you can talk to this here mental health dude, and I can give you ____ to help" Sweet now everything sucks less... Fuck meds

Being numb for soo long, then feeling again with such depth is like the effect of that great drink described in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy The Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster That is how I am currently feeling.

I will post my recent piece of art. It was love inspired, and I hope that the subject is happy with it...

I want my dark void, null of feeling again, that may fix the hurt.
I am faulted beyond repair. Ich bin defekt. I am broken.
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Holy cow I have returned! So tons of things have gone on since I have last posted forever ago. I moved from the land of beer to the land of pasta. Very odd here to say the least. Trash is a bit of an issue in some areas. Issues with the government. Oh yeah I work @ NATO in Naples Italy, very cool. Uuum, I still am currently playing World of Warcraft, with the occasional hop onto CoV/CoH. So how has everyone been since I last was here? Molly my dear dear family, I heard: *hugs* Well talk stuffs laters. Frank how is the fitness stuff coming?
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Angry Green thing

(no subject)

Life is well, life. Yeah I know, way to state the obvious. Ever changing this twisting world of events.

...and there he was. Chryst, a man with sandy blonde hair, was making his way from his favorite little greasy spoon. The Grease Pit has always been a favorite spot, serving fresh foods made from Ma and Pa out back. Walking through the door, his foot starts to meld with the floor, sinking like a quick sand. Chryst keeps moving forward, and melds downward with the upcoming floor. He continues to travel forward and with each step he nears the next destination. A mix of color is around, earth tones, crystal colors, the state of being one with everything. Reaching forward he grasps the ground of his next destination, pulling himself forward, and up stepping to the new air.

Man odd things go through my head.

In other news, I am moving to Italy in the next week, I'll be there 27th November, and should hopefully be "home" Mid December-ish. I hope those who want to see me try to coordinate times for visits. I have 35 days of vacation. =D So please speak up.

Times of old come racing through
Memories of old controlling thoughts
The current past searing pain
Future events may be the cold
Striving, living, enduring
Dark Stalkers

...and they run through my head

Yeah it has been awhile hasn't it? Life is a very odd experience indeed. Feelings, emotions, all are chemical mixes in the brain, according to science. (I wonder... I also wonder -Lost Skeleton of Cadavra) Sometimes I can't but wonder, are feelings also connected to one's being, one's soul? Can you have a love soo deep, that no matter where you are, who you are with that love will never go away, never deluted with time? The Soul Mate theory I guess. Opinions anyone?

Maybe another love that is similar in connection to one's soul is the love of a parents child, its something a little more. Maybe perhaps it is that the child is a segment of you, and therefore you have a deeper attachment. Dreams, ah yes, that is another subject that fasinates me. Always has and always will. Why is it that some dreams are sooo vivid, you swear that they are real? Other times you feel like you have just merely blinked between when you went to bed, and the time you woke. Are dreams nothing but a time to reflect on lifes possibilities and past events, or are they a way we can connect to one another without realizing it?

Congrats to Adam Robichaud who is getting married to an old friend of mine Sarah! May you be blessed and achieve enlightenment on your journey with your new companion, I would love to hear from you.

For those who don't know, I will be moving to the land of Pasta, and other goodies. Napoli, Italia AKA Naples Italy. Bella Napoli will be my new home for the next four years. Now for the shout outs:
Wild Bill if you are out there man, drop me a line you AGR punk! -Ox Stacey, yeah ;D Nuff said.
Sean, I miss you, and you need to please let me know you still have breath coming out of you.
Nick, miss you too, also need to know if you are breathing.
Frank, you rock, and I admire your creative genius. I'll have to hit you up for some fun and a killer BBQ (I'll supply the goods and of course looking into the future a few years). At some point in time I am pretty sure I'll be in Ft. Lewis.
EDIT:My Daughters first word was "Adios" Gawd I love that little girl. Guess my spanish speaking to her is going to pay dividends.
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sad toast

So yeah...

Um... well so I found out today that my wifey dear, Kristina, just might have Cervical Cancer. I am sad ;_;
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